Ah Ma


Taken while I was walking along the old town of HoiAn (Central Vietnam) in Feb2009.

They caught my attention. While we were walking along the ‘Jonker Street’ of HoiAn with tourists busy visiting the numerous antique stalls along the street and stall owners inviting you in to have a look, this beautiful lady came out of her stall to spend some one-to-one time with her ah ma.  Of the 86,116,560 people in Vietnam, about 70% of its population are senior citizens. Majority of them underwent the horrendous vietnam war, leaving them with no savings nor pension for their retired lives.  While I was walking the streets of HoiAn, I saw a number of ah mas wearing traditional costumes and hat selling take away food or carrying bags of goods to sell.  This ah ma seems to be the most relaxed of them all. I tried to imagine their lives… staying in their hometown( refusing to move because the place carried too much memories of their lives) while waiting patiently with no complaints for their children to visit them every so often.

Learn more about the demographics of Vietnam here:

Demographics of Vietnam

Vietnam demographics profile 2008

Number of senior citizens increase

Yes, this is Alicia and I am searching for my memories with my ah ma.


~ by Alicia on March 15, 2009.

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