Introducing Mr Buddy

buddy1Taken Feb 2009. Buddy 8.5 yrs old

Buddy arrived in our house one evening 8 yrs ago. He was scared, nervous, locked in a cage and heavily car sick (he came from ipoh, a 4.5 hrs drive away from JB). Jeff, my golden Retriver, was very curious of him and buddy was seemingly intimidated. Since that day, BUDDY has become part of our family. He loves his morning walk with my father and never failed to finish everything in his plate. He has no idea how to eat french fries and loves to drink water from the tap. My father is his owner and every actions of his shows his love towards my father. Our poor buddy has undergone several operations in this past 8 yrs and he may need to face another operation soon. He is a strong dog, extremely lazy, but nevertheless extremely alert. I love him very very much and I know he is going to remain our dog forever. Irreplaceable buddy. ( we even plan for his compound whenever we talk about our future hse)

More photos of Buddy in:

Buddy Series

Yes, this is Alicia and I love my dog


~ by Alicia on March 15, 2009.

One Response to “Introducing Mr Buddy”

  1. Dear Buddy, though we have never met, but i felt like we know each other long ago…my buddy’s Buddy, get well soon!! look forward to meeting ya! ^^

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