Find peace in Jiufen(九份)/ Jingguashi

jiufenTaken in Jan 2009 in Jiufen(九份)/ Jingguashi, Taipei Country

I love Taipei and one of the main reasons is this small little town on the top of the mountain. Given the history of Japanese Occupation in Taiwan, I had to say that many of taiwan’s architecture and cultures resemble Japan- more so in jiufen which was once a gold mining area discovered by the Japanese. I would definitely put up more photos of Jiufen in the future but for everyone out there, if you are thinking of escaping the hectic of city lives in taipei, take a train up to jiufen (1.5 hrs away) and let yourself be immersed in its special charm. No wonder it was used as a model for spirited Away.

Learn more about Jiufen here:


The daily bubble tea

Photos of JiuFen

Learn more about Japanese Occupation in Taiwan:

Japanese Occupation of Taiwan

Yes, Im Alicia and I honestly think that Taiwan is an interesting country


~ by Alicia on March 16, 2009.

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