A penny

vietTaken on the street of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (Feb2009)

This is not uncommon in Vietnam…Ah ma sitting on the streets with no shoes and waiting for any kind-hearted person to drop them a penny or two.  In developed countries, senior citizens are better taken care of; with welfare, pension and their personal savings. In developing countries ,social welfare is often overlooked. I remembered the old uncles that i passed by everyday when I was young. They were homeless people who lived in the pedestrian underpass…they slept, ate and earned their livings there. Im not condemning the governments of developing nations, but i do hope that increased trades and investments go into these countries so that there will be enough funds (assuming that these funds are put into good use) to improve the living condition of ordinary people… people just like u and I.

Learn more about Vietnam’s economy here:

Vietnam 2009 growth seen at 4.75 percent: IMF

Vietnam’s troubled economy

Yes, this is Alicia.


~ by Alicia on March 20, 2009.

One Response to “A penny”

  1. i think relying on other countries isn’t such a good idea. If it’s not their problem, why should they solve it? Young people in Vietnam could start to develop a system wherebye the people of that economy start to save on behalf of older people. I mean, the country itself should develop its own welfare system. I hope in any case that the plight of the poorer, older people improves.

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