Prunus mume

flowers(Taken in Jan 2009, Taroko Gorge, Hualien, Taiwan)

This is the national flower of Taiwan, Plum Blossom (mei hua). The taxi driver who drove us up to taroko gorge introduced this flower to us and you could really feel his sense of pride when he said it. Sometimes patriotism is a very fascinating emotion and I always wonder how a country create this sense of pride. In any case, this is a very beautiful flower and when I check it up, there is actually a story behind it. Officially designated to be the national flower on July 21, 1964, the triple grouping of stamens (one long and two short) represents Dr Sun Yat-Sen’s Three Principle s of the People: 民族主義, 民權主義 and 民生主義. Nationalism, Democracy and Socialism. Dr Sun’s ideas of freedom for the people are drawn in this national symbol.

L earn more about Blum Blossom here:

Blum Blossom

Learn more about the Three Principles of the people here:


~ by Alicia on March 30, 2009.

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