HONG KONG (the city of lights)

hk(Taken in Jan09, Avenue of  Stars, Hong Kong)

The city of lights. As one of the leader of Asia’s business activities, Hong Kong is definitely a city that never slps. The above picture is taken in my favourite spot in Hong Kong, The avenue of stars (Harbour City Tsim Sha Tsu). They have lasers show every night where all the buildings in HOng Kong island ‘dance’ with the music. Hong kong is a fascinating city, that’s all i can say.

Official HOng Kong travel guide

More photos of HOng kong (with all the lights in the city, it always look like its daytime in hong kong. shopping spree!)


(Taken in The Peak, Hong Kong Island)

Sorry for the noise due to high ISO setting, it was taken without a tripod.


~ by Alicia on April 19, 2009.

5 Responses to “HONG KONG (the city of lights)”

  1. Great pictures Alicia!
    Here’s a great video I found on YouTube
    I’ll share with you!

  2. I lived right next to the avenue of stars 3 years ago. I really liked the night view of Hong Kong island! The light show is fantastic! Although it takes a long time to go to the Peak, it worth it, and the view from the peak is like seeing millions of diamonds!!!

  3. This site is crazily optimistic about HK

  4. I love the night view too. Havent been over to TST for very long, perhaps i should start visiting it soon 🙂

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