Mag Culture

Mag culture(Taken in Jan09, Taipei city hall train station, Taiwan)

Mag culture. At a time when the circulation of print newspapers are declining, it is encouraging to see that mag culture is not declining with the rise of technology. Sitting in a cafe with my cup of coffee and flipping through a magazine…ahh… relaxation. Favorite magazine? TIME.

Come on, considering that there are sooooo many different types of magazines out there (and most of them with free-gifts attached), its rather hard not to love the magazine culture! Gossips, design, man’s interest, fashion, photography, cars, traveling, creative arts, architecture, hand craft, outdoor spots, politics, economy…. name all the hobbies under the sky and there will be a magazine about it.

No wonder so many people around the world still love to hang around book stores flipping through all different sorts of magazine.

mag(Taken in Jan09, Taipei, Taiwan)


(taken in April09, Mag nation, Melbourne, Australia)

I love the design of Mag Nation (88 Elizabeth St, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia +61 3 9663 6559).


~ by Alicia on May 3, 2009.

One Response to “Mag Culture”

  1. there’s something amazing about flicking open a magazine that online reading will NEVER capture. mag culture will never die.

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