The Point Restaurant

Apple soufflé

Apple soufflé

(Taken in May 09, Albert Park, Melbourne)

For my friend’s birthday, we had lunch in The Point Restaurant in Albert Park Lake. Located in the park itself, The Point has a fantastic view overlooking the whole albert park lake.  Designed as a glasshouse with white furniture, the restaurant is pure simple, modern yet elegant. If you have a chance to visit Melbourne, be sure to enjoy a nice meal in the restaurant. This is the most peaceful part of the city.

ps: The Apple souffle makes me fall in love with souffle. I’m not a very good food critics. With my insensitive taste bud, I only know how to differentiate between nice or NOT nice. So really, dont ask me the details.. all I know is I fully enjoyed the desserts and they tasted really good!!! (My friends ordered the souffle and I ordered tiramisu…hmmm… although the tiramisu is great, i have to say the souffle is still the best)


The Point Albert Park

Aquatic Drive

Albert Park Lake

(Melways ref 2K G6)

phone 03 9682 5566


~ by Alicia on May 27, 2009.

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