Clean Water is for everyone

Last year, We organized a film screening in Melb Uni trying to raise awareness of toxic water pollution resulted from a violation of Corporate’s CRS in third world countries. It was a powerful documentary which bring across the message effectively through visual images, credible evidences and stories that audiences can easily relates to.

My primary school teacher used to tell us  that water is one of the most natural resources in the world, its for everyone and nobody can survive without water. After watching the Documentary, I remember these words that my teacher taught me years ago and starts to wonder…. how can the use and consumption of water be sold for a fix rate when its a natural resource that do not belong to anyone in the first place?


Recently, I came across a video circulating in facebook about a man who, for his birthday, instead of pampering himself with material gifts, chose to set himself a goal to set up a charity organization that aims to set up clean water supply in every corner of the world. The belief is simple: Water is for everyone. We need water to survive. Why cant everyone has access to it?

Watch the video here:

Charity Water: Born in september


~ by Alicia on October 21, 2010.

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