Be Grateful for simple ideas

Gratitude! Journal : Positive Thoughts

A marketable product starts with a simple idea in a creative platform.

Leading you back to the basic principle of KISS (‘Keep it simple, Stupid’).

Very often, product managers get caught up with trying to develop a cutting edge technology that is ‘innovative and revolutionary’ but forget one simple idea, how does it benefit consumers’ needs and how user-friendly is the product? Yes, consumers like new technology and innovations but they do not like a new technology that….

– take up so much space in their computer,

– take ages to load

– can potentially crash your system

– eats battery life

– and does not serve much functions in the end. low product offering.


People are getting more and more stress with works and studies nowadays. self- enrichment is in popular demand now because people like to feel good about themselves and their lives. Grumpy people on the street are waiting to be cheered. Gratitude Journal sees this potential and develop this application so that people can,in the mist of their stressful lives, be more consciously aware of small little things that they are grateful about each day and live a little happier each day. Its easy to use and the journal is in your pocket everyday reminding you to think a little more positive everyday.

I love it.


They are who I’m most grateful for every single day of my life


~ by Alicia on October 22, 2010.

One Response to “Be Grateful for simple ideas”

  1. haha i can’t wait to see your gratitude journal! love it!
    i wish the journal has an extra function – journal sharing!

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