On a rainy night… what do u do?

Taken Nov 2010, Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne has been raining a lot lately.

2 years ago, Melbourne was struck by severe drought…

Raining, for the state, is actually a good thing.

I don’t particularly hate rainy days.

Rainy day gives you a good excuse to stay on bed and waste your day away.

You can drink some hot chocolates and watch some movies.

It also means that you can stay at home without feeling sorry for yourself.

You can be alone on a rainy day but not feel as lonely

Because when its bright and sunny outside, you will feel like spending this beautiful day with your family and the people you love…

but if they are in different countries, you are forced to enjoy such beautiful day by yourself.

Its not bad per say…

I love beautiful weathers

its just that….

Sometimes they can make you miss your family and friends.



~ by Alicia on December 5, 2010.

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