16 Dec 2010. I graduated!

A photo with my best uni mate that been through the same experience as me for 6 years.

From Trinity, to B.Arts and B.Commerce. Thank you for being the fabulous course mate qiqi! Nothing can be compared to the college experience.  I miss…

having brunch with you,

going to campus and halfway through decided that we should grab a coffee and skipped lecture instead,

chilling under the sun doing nth at all but Nau-ing,

Meat sessions.

I remembered that when I was in my 1st or 2nd yr of university, we drove past JB branch Citibank and I dropped a random remark to my dad that it may be a cool idea to do marketing for Citibank. Today, Im doing that. Its not at all as remarkable or glamorous as what my fancy imagination brings me but that’s reality right? Nothing is smooth sailing and nothing is as good as how you imagine it to be but it was, in no denial, actually something that I thought of doing a few yrs ago and that… by itself, is already close to where my imagination brings me.

KL is a hard place to live but somehow, Im beginning to think that I may be able to survive it.

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address


~ by Alicia on May 17, 2011.

One Response to “Cheers!”

  1. omg i totally didnt see this until today! miss u heaps and bounds babe!

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