Harry potter

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Hogwarts Dinning Hall

Location: Oxford, UK



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Bring you to where Amelie lives =) My classic French movie. imagine my excitement when I was there =)


Little red riding hood in paris

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I guess for everyone that read my blog (if theres anyone that read my blog at all!), u guys should have realised that other than flowers, i really like to take pics of little kids! I took this pics on a wednesday evening in February Paris, waiting for Huiqi outside the Louvre Museum. While eating my favorite macaroons, I saw this little red girl running around the Louvre complex like its her private playground! Who can resist NOT taking a pic of her =D

Spring in Oxford, UK

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Did I tell you how much i love flowers?

5 mins ago, its raining… now, its sunny again ( I suspect, it will start pouring again in 5 mins and it will come as no surprise at all =D thats melbourne, and thats how my hate-love relationship with Melbourne begins…). Seeing how the weather is changing dramatically currently, I decide to transport everyone to Oxford, UK (April 2010). No matter where I go, I’m always attracted to blooming flowers and cant help myself but to stop and snap a picture of my beloved flowers at their proudest moment.

This was taken on the street of Oxford in April, the morning before I took the train to Stratford upon avon. Hope you guys like the blooming tulip and have a nice weekend!! =)

back to my research on sex workers rights and an evening at work!



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Its nice to have friends that make you smile, or even, LAUGH OUT LOUD every time you meet up with them.  Its nice to have friends that you can ‘die’ laughing on your stomach in the middle of the street because what they just said are simply too funny (although none of the friends surrounding you feel that its funny).

Three of us are in three different lands… we are not very sure what each of us are up to at every point of our lives and we don’t talk on the phone much… but when we meet, its always laughter and joy. I am completely myself with them and thats not because I think they dont judge (come on, everyone judges) but its because we accept each other as who we are (according to jiehui, we didnt choose each other as best friends but it just happen and now, its impossible to kick anyone of us away  =D ).  The fact is… we kinda grew up together. When we were young, we don’t know how to ‘choose’ friends, so we just BE friends. We turn out to be very different people and sometimes we can run out of things to say but every time when some things are troubling me (even trivial incidents like ‘I met someone really annoying today and it spoils my mood’ kinda bitch thing), I will text them; and no matter what they says, it always make me smile. They are the friends that I will text minutes after my boyfriend proposes to me. They are the friends that I will text when Im finally over the ‘you deserve better than this horrid bastard’ guy. They are the friends that I will text when I sign the job contract with my most respected company.

The Meadow

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The Meadow (Edinburgh, UK) Spring

Everyone likes to reminisce  about the past. “i used to do this….Ive been to this place…” Well.. at a young age of 22, I like to reminisce about the past too and I’m really proud and thankful that throughout my 5 yrs in University, every year has been truly different and rewarding.

Last semester (Jan 2010), I have the honor of doing an exchange program in University of Edinburgh, UK. So, right after New year, I packed my bag and took travel to Changi airport… ready to start my semester. Every year, I did the same thing. I packed my bag full with clothes, food and shoes and get ready to start my new semester in Melbounrne. This time, it was the same… except that the destination is completely different. its half way across the world to a place where I have completely no idea what it was like. I never heard of anyone studying in Edinburgh (except for a friend of a friend who has a friend that study Medicine in Edinburgh) and the only thing that I know about Scotland is that its so far up in the north…. guys actually wear skirt instead of pants and drink hard Whiskey instead of light beers!

So… I went.

Landed in London on the day that its had the heaviest snow storm. All the trains and planes were canceled because of the terrible weather and the first english accent I heard (other than the stern immigration officer) is the journalist in BBC news, reporting.. “The worst winter in UK history…. Schools were expected to close for children’s safety and families were advised to stay indoor whenever possible….Driving along the highway towards scotland direction is extremely dangerous and we expect the weather to get worse in the next few days”


Very welcoming indeed…. I heard this news in Budget car rental, getting ready to rent a french car so that my brother and I can drive up to Scotland. For a person who grew up in a tropical country, I feel like I was in north pole (LITERALLY)!


Good news is… I survived and truly celebrated my time there =) Now, when I think of scotland, I dont think of guys in skirts and whiskey (although I did see guys in kilts and drink whiskey). Instead, I thought of walking home through the meadow everyday, getting drunk in the meadow, having late night parties in the meadow, reading storybooks in the meadow, taking a nap in the meadow, having BBQ in the meadow…….etc. Edinburgh is a dream…. my experience there changes from drastic winter to the warm welcoming spring..just like how the meadow tress bares in winter and bloom again in spring.


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vietnamTaken in feb09, Hoian, Vietnam

Central Vietnam-Hoian (the old town of vietnam): Just a few nights ago, I dreamt of this beautiful town in hoian and the people there. Really missed the trip in hoian.